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Accounting services are necessary for all businesses to ensure accurate operational / financial information. Such information is required by Management, Regulators, and Investors. Also, it is a legal requirement for any business to maintain an appropriate book of accounts to ensure that all relevant taxes are paid and tax filings are made on time.

Accounting is the systematic and detailed recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business as per the relevant Accounting Standard in place and the creation of reports. However, many small businesses do not have complete accounting departments and require external Accounting Services. Taxbaniya can provide your business with accounting services through a team of qualified and semi qualified staffs.

We handle end-to-end management of accounting, taxation and reporting requirements of your company such as:

  • Bookkeeping and preparation of yearly financial statements
  • Support in complex accounting matters
  • Tax Compliance
  • Payroll structuring
  • MIS Reporting

so that you can focus on what’s important – growing your business!

We can handle accounts for any country as well through Quickbook, Tally

Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing
Who is this useful for?
  • International companies entering India
  • Family businesses
  • Startup businesses
  • Any company that is looking to professionalize their Accounting & Finance operation so that they can focus on their core business will find this service useful.

Why should you Maintain Books of Accounts?

  • It is a Statutory Requirement for all businesses except for Sole Proprietorship.
  • Helps you review your performance and take steps to improve.
  • Maintaining books of accounts helps you when you need funding from investors.

Simple Pricing

Rs.2,500 /-
Per Month
Monthly basis Accounting from Our Office
(Rs 1000 extra if visit to client office required)
Filings of Tax Compliances (GST, TDS, PT)
Rs.5,000 /-
Per Month
Dedicated team – Fortnightly Visit of Accountant to Client Office
Filings of Tax Compliances (GST, TDS, PT)
Supervisor review to ensure accuracy
Payroll Management upto 15 employees
Monthly financial reporting
Rs.7,500 /-
Per Month
Dedicated team – Weekly Visit of Accountant to Client Office
Filings of Tax Compliances (GST, TDS, PT)
Supervisor review to ensure accuracy
Payroll Management upto 15 employees
Monthly financial reporting
Rs.12,500 /-
Per Month
Dedicated team – Bi-Weekly Visit of Accountant to Client Office
Supervisor review to ensure accuracy
Filings of Tax Compliances (GST, TDS, PT)
Payroll Management upto 15 employees
Monthly financial reporting

What is included in our Package?

  • Visit based on frequency at client place or operate from our office
  • File Regular return like GST, TDS, Professional Tax etc

Why Choose US?


  • Training – Our In-house training program ensures that you are served with well qualified accounting executives and managers
  • Development – Our development and upskilling focused on our employees ensures that your team is always up to date
  • Technical Expertise – Our in-house Technical Heads with domain expertise are available to guide you on complicated accounting and tax compliances


  • Client Onboarding – A thorough checklist to ensure a seamless handover from the existing team
  • Robust Tracking & Update Mechanism – To track all tax and compliances deadlines and share updates with you
  • Escalation matrix – A defines protocol to escalate and resolve any technical or operational issues


  • Basecamp – A project management tool to keep track of important tasks.
  • WhatsApp Group – For seamless communication between you and your accounting team
  • Choised Based Software – Cloud based (Quickbook) or Tally (On Particular System)For storing all your accounting data , making it accessible anywhere, anytime
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