Due Date Chart for
Tax Payment


Due date Chart for Tax Payment
S. N.For The MonthPayment of Goods & Service Tax (GST)TDSProfession Tax Payment/ReturnAdvance Tax Payment
GSTR 1 Less than 1.5 Cr T/o – QuarterlyGSTR 1 More  than 1.5 Cr T/o – MonthlyGSTR 3B MonthlyPayment (M)Return (Q)Certificate (Q)
1Apr31-Jul11-May20-May7th May31st May
2May11- Jun20- Jun7th JunForm 16A& 16-3130th Jun
3June11- Jul20- Jul7th Jul10th Jul31st Jul15th Jun
4July31-Oct11- Aug20- Aug7th Aug16A-3031st Aug
5Aug11—Sep20—Sep7th Sep30th Sep
6Sep11-Oct20-Oct7th Oct10th Oct31st Oct15th Sep
7Oct31-Jan11-Nov20-Nov7th Nov16A-3030th Nov
8Nov11-Dec20-Dec7th Dec31st Dec
9Dec11-Jan20-Jan7th Jan10th Jan31st Jan15th Dec
10Jan30-Apr11-Feb20-Feb7th Feb16A-3028th/29th Feb
11Feb11-Mar20-Mar7th Mar31st Mar
12Mar11-Apr20-Apr30th April10th May30th April15th Mar
Audit/ Annual ReturnDec 31
Int. on late payment/Late filing Fees18% pa

(1.5% pm)

Rs. 200/- per day10% pa and Rs. 300/-1% pm U/s. 234C and 1% pm U/s. 234B
NoteForm No.15G, 15H,27C – Submission of Forms received in Particular month – 7th of Next monthPTEC holder 30th June of that year or Within one month of the date of enrollment.


PTRC Return if case liability is upto 50,000/- is to be filed yearly by 31st March of that year.

For other than companies 10th of sept , dec & march.
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