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Even if you don’t realize it, everyone deals with trademarks on a daily basis. “Trademark” is another way of referring to brands. Consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by trademarks and the reputation such brands represent. It is important for business people to have an understanding of why trademarks are important assets and help grow their business.

Registration of trademark serves an important purpose in line of securing a trademark from being misused. In order to observe the importance of registration, we need to look at the Benefits which are conferred through registration. One can obtain relief in respect of infringement of the trademark in the manner provided by the act. Another way of observing the importance of registration is to consider drawback of not being a registered user. This can be explained through section 27 of the Trade Mark Act, 1999 which talks about “Passing Off”. This section explains that, no person shall be entitled to institute any proceeding to prevent, or to recover damages for the infringement of an unregistered Trademark.


Tax Baniya will help you in all your requirements regarding the registration of your brand and trademark / logo. Our Business advisors will give solutions to all your queries regarding the trademark registration and help you to take your decisions and finalise your brand and logo easily. Tax Baniya started with the simple idea that doing business in India should be very easy. Our growing team of young hard-working professionals is our biggest asset. Our team puts the consumer first, and work meticulously to ensure that documents are filled correctly and swiftly. Tax Baniya is leading Registration Service Provider and acts as a Consultant in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore and across India.

Advantages of Trademarks / Brand / Logo Registration for Businesses

  • Trademarks are an effective communication tool.
  • Trademarks allow businesses to effectively utilize the Internet and social media.
  • Trademarks can make hiring easier.
  • Distinguished recognition
  • It provides legal protection against the fake and fraudulent products
  • It creates an intangible asset for the owner, which has an ability to be transferred, sold or franchised.
  • Trademark creates trust and goodwill in the minds of the customer because of which many customers are loyal to the product.

Simple Pricing

Filing of application for trademark registration includes getting logo / brand / mark from Client and then suggestion to amend the same depends upon search report on availability of the same and then execution and signature of power of attorney and then filing of final application with department.

Initial Application
Filing of the Trademark under one class Inclusive of government fee and taxes shall be
Subsequent Objection
If Any
In case of any objection raised after review and examination of the application by the department then reply to the same will incur additional cost of
Subsequent Hearing
If Any
Even after reply to the examination report, the department issue notice for show cause hearing then additional cost is incurred to attend the hearing and clearing the mark and publication of the same in journal

*Entities like Partnership firm, Pvt Ltd and LLP who are eligible but not registered under MSME act need to pay Rs. 9,000/- as Govt Fees instead of Rs. 4,500/- hence we suggest to register under Udyog Aadhar (MSME) and avail benefit of reduced govt fees of Rs. 4,500/- at an extra cost of Rs. 999/-.


  • Executed and stamped POA & Application receipt
  • Search report on availability of mark
  • Copy of journal of published mark
  • Registration Certificate

Trademark Search & Prepare Power of Attorney


File Trademark Application & Start using TM


TM Application Allotment & Examination by Department & Reply to Objection, if any


Trademark Journal Publication, TM Registration & start using “R” , valid till 10 years

Features of TRADEMARK

Legal Protection
Only owners of registered trademarks are allowed to take action or sue for damages in case of trademark infringement. Trademark protection is not enforceable for trademarks that are not registered. All registered trademarks are valid for a period of 10 years and can be renewed for a period of another 10 years easily by filing a trademark renewal application.
Unique Identity
Trademark filing will help establish a unique identity and brand for your goods or services. Competitors will not be allowed to use your trademark for similar goods or services.
Creation of Asset
Trademark filing creates an intellectual property, which is an intangible asset for an organization. Registered trademark is a right that can be sold, franchised or commercially contracted.
Tax Baniya
Register Your Trademark, Brand, Logo

Information Required for Trademark Registration

Details of Applicant

  • Name and address
  • Father’s / Husband’s name
  • Email id
  • Contact Number
  • Nationality

Type of Organisation

  • (Pvt Ltd, LLP, Proprietor, Partnership firm)

Details of all the Partners/Directors

  • Full Name
  • Age

Details of the Signatory for signing Power of Attorney

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Age

Mark / Brand Name

Mention whether:

  • Manufacturer/Trader/ Service Provider

Business activity in detail to identify class of trademark

User Date of the Brand/Mark

  • Please specify the approx date since the brand is being used, if new add today’s date

Documents Required for Company Registration

Firm Document

MOA and AOA in case of Pvt Ltd / LLP Deed in case of LLP / Partnership Deed in case of firm

PAN Card

  • Applicant and
  • Authorised signatory

Logo, if any

Signed Power of Attorney

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