We offer a combination of a fantastic investment platform, mutual funds that give great returns and expert financial advisors who help you manage your financial life.

Our Recommendations

Equity Lump sum: Multicap Fund

Equity SIP: Midcap Fund

Equity SIP: Small Cap Fund

Aggressive Hybrid Fund (Balance)

Equity Saving Fund

Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)

Debt Schemes

Our customer-centric products and services are designed to give you a relaxed and rewarding investing experience!

Goal-driven financial advice that helps you take the best investment decisions to build wealth
Paperless, quick processes that enable you to invest instantly using your Aadhaar card
Instant personalized recommendations from Money Mitr, India’s friendliest robo advisor
Dedicated advisors who help you create portfolios on demand, review and manage your investments over phone, e-mail, chat and Skype
Fund reviews and recommendations from our research team that help you take wise investment decisions
Innovative tools like flexible Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), trigger-based investing, Value-averaging Investment Plans (VIPs), instant portfolio reviews and more

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Please consider your specific investment requirements before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs.

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